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The spatial omics solutions market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 11.9%, till 2035, claims Roots Analysis

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The spatial omics solutions market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 11.9%, till 2035, claims Roots Analysis
Recent advancements in multiplexed profiling and tissue imaging methods have enabled the assessment of spatial heterogeneity in intact tissues; as a result, adoption of spatial omics solutions offering benefits over traditional methods, is increasing

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of “Spatial Genomics, Transcriptomics and Proteomics Solutions Market, 2022-2035” report to its list of offerings.

Currently used histological methods measure limited number of biomarkers at a time and the fluorescent tags introduced interfere with the natural function of genes and proteins. Stakeholders are on the lookout for platforms that can simultaneously capture the arrangement of multiple biomolecules with single-cell or subcellular resolution, while preserving the tissue integrity. The up-and-coming field of spatial biology addresses this unmet need, while bridging the gap between high plex, high throughput, and high resolution.

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Key Market Insights

Presently, 45 industry and non-industry players claim to offer spatial genomics, spatial transcriptomics and spatial proteomics solutions
Majority (72%) of the solution providers are based in North America, followed by those headquartered in Europe (22%). A large proportion (50%) of these companies are large players, followed by small (30%) and mid-sized firms (20%).

More than 70 solutions are available / being developed for spatial profiling of biomolecules
Majority (51%) of the solutions are used for analyzing RNA transcripts, followed by 26% and 15% of the solutions that can analyze protein signatures and DNA molecules, respectively.

Partnership activity in this field has increased at a CAGR of over 70%, between 2016 and 2020 The highest number of partnership agreements (16) were signed in 2021. Majority of the partnerships (31%) were signed for technology / platform integration; followed by deals inked for commercialization of spatial omics solutions.
Grants worth over USD 20 million have been awarded to support research on spatial omics solutions, since 2018
Till June 2022, over 15 grants have been awarded for the research projects related to spatial phenotyping and profiling of biomolecules targeting various oncological and non-oncological disorders. Around 38% of the total number of grants were provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
More than 530 patents have been filed / granted for spatial omics solutions, since 2003
Close to 70% of the patent applications have been filed by various industry and non-industry players in this domain, post 2018.

North America is anticipated to capture larger share of the spatial omics solutions market by 2035
North America has currently captured half of the overall market share and is estimated to be worth USD 9.61 billion by 2035, growing at a CAGR of 11.5%.

Instruments are anticipated to capture larger share of the market by 2035
Our estimates suggest that the overall market is likely to be driven by the revenues generated through the sales of spatial-omics instruments in the foreseen future due to their high cost.

The financial opportunity within the spatial genomics, spatial transcriptomics and spatial proteomics market has been analyzed across the following segments:

 Type of Solution
 Instruments
 Consumables
 Services

 Sample Type
 Protein

 Research Area
 Oncological Disorders
 Immunological Disorders
 Neurological Disorders
 Infectious Diseases
 Others

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