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Pregnancy | Human Biospecimens | Order Online

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Pregnancy | Human Biospecimens | Order Online
Pregnancy is a critical stage in a woman's life, necessitating special care and evidence-based disease management practices to give birth to a healthy newborn. In contrast to this, in any clinical research, pregnant ladies are not enrolled due to the potential risk of developing fetus. Consequently, these research gaps result in the lack of evidence-based clinical practice to treat pregnant women.
Moreover, it is not recommended to extrapolate adult treatment guidelines for managing illness during pregnancy because of differences in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, teratogenicity, and fetal risk. Therefore, pregnant women deserve thorough research in order to develop a safe treatment and diagnostic approach to manage the condition. Central BioHub provides samples from pregnant women at various stages of pregnancy to fill this research gap by providing in-vitro pregnancy specimens. Obtaining pregnancy test specimens such as plasma, serum, and urine samples from genuine donors in different countries is available at Central BioHub, providing easy access to hard-to-find pregnancy test specimens online.
Posted on 06/07/22

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