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Do you know how SEO works?

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Do you know how SEO works?
A simple and effective trick of doing SEO is to make google bots visit your website daily, and they find everything new daily. In this way, you can rank your website very quickly.

Before telling you how SEO works, let me tell you something about so. Everyone knows SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means you have to set up your website according to search engines.

Let me tell you more details if you need clarification about the above line. Suppose you created a grocery website and want it to be visible to everyone. This is not possible for you to tell verbally to everyone. So here comes the role of Google. Every single user nowadays uses Google. So if you want to tell each person available on the planet about your website, submit your website on Google and work accordingly.

This means that google employees will still need to start working with you and save your website details. They have created robots or bots for us. We must follow all the SEO guidelines according to these bots, and they will save the website in their database.

Now comes the main question how do bots know that you have created a website and they have to save this website?

For this, we have to bring SEO into action with the help of which a website is saved in the google database and gets ranked.

Setup Google Analytics: this is the first and foremost step for SEO work. Suppose you created a website, and now how would google know about this website? Google asks to create an account on google analytics and has to verify this account. To verify this, google provides one code we have to place on our website. After placing this code, google verify this code, and if found, everything is fine; google starts showing all the details about the website on the same account.
Select Keywords: this is the second step after setting up google analytics. Select keywords according to your website niche. Select more than 800 keywords according to the website and start working on these keywords. These keywords help display your website to the visitors when they search on google. Suppose your website targets more than 800 keywords, and when someone searches according to any specific keyword, your website will be visible on the search page. If you have a good number of keywords on your website, then it becomes easy for anyone to target their website.
Write Meta Tags: these tags help Google understand the page. Meta tags consist of meta titles and meta descriptions. As google has requirements that a website must contain meta tags because google search results have some format in which they display results. When you enter any text in the meta title, it is displayed on the google search page. This title helps visitors know about the website. On a single result, first, you get the domain name. Second, it shows whatever you entered in the meta title. Side by side, it also helps google in saving page titles. If you need to learn how to generate meta tags, you can use our website, with the help of which anyone can quickly generate meta tags.
Write Meta Description: This is again the requirement from google that your website should have a proper meta description. All the pages available on the website should have proper meta descriptions. If the meta description is missing, then google will fetch that description from the content available on the website. This description is visible on the google search page and tells about that particular website. This description gives the user an idea of what this website contains. This means it's a short description of the website.
Create Backlinks: The above 4 points discussed are related to on-page, so we invite bots to come and visit our website. When this is done, you need your website to rank on Google's first page or first position. It will help if you increase your website's trust factor, which can only be made by creating backlinks. This is entirely off-page optimization. With the help of these backlinks, your website score increases which further helps in ranking the website. Backlinks are paid or free. You have to submit your website on these links. More the backlinks your website has, the more score it has. So this is again part of SEO.
Write Blogs: more content you have on your website, the more keywords you can target for your website. More keywords when targeted, your website presence will increase. You need a good amount of content to get maximum keywords on your website. You must write blogs according to your website niche to get the full content. These blogs can help anyone in ranking their websites. This is our personal experience that within 3 months, by writing blogs on a particular niche, we made our website rank top along with the top position on google. The competition was very high on that keyword, but we still managed to bring it to Google's top position. You can hire us if you are not a blogger or need more writing time. We have a dedicated team for writing blogs. With this, you can easily rank your website.

After doing all these steps correctly, your website starts ranking, and instead of telling about your website verbally, google tells about your website to the visitors. In this way, your website reaches the maximum audience available on Google.

A simple and effective trick of doing SEO is to make google bots visit your website daily, and they find everything new daily. In this way, you can rank your website very quickly. For this, start writing blogs and tell google to crawl the new page. This way, bots will be busy on your website as they have to come again and again.

So now you can know how SEO works and how to rank any website. You can contact us anytime if you are facing an issue while ranking your website. Just email us "," and we will be happy to help you.
We have an experienced SEO team that uses all the paid tools, analyzes your website, modifies all the changes as per the requirements, and then starts doing its SEO.

In this way, SEO works and helps a lot in improving your website ranking.

Happy reading, everyone...
Posted on 12/21/22

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