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Best employee monitoring tracker

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Best employee monitoring tracker
10 Proven Benefits of Working Remotely for Organizations

Workplace flexibility is the main topic in the future of work that the epidemic has only accelerated.

Though, there are several benefits of employees working remotely for organizations that go beyond pandemic prevention.

The future of work can’t be intended without flexibility. Companies across the world are asking employees to work from home.

Hence, remote work has become the new normal for businesses and workforces alike.

So the question is this — is the trend of remote work economically right for companies, or is it just a natural result of an ever-evolving workforce that’s craving modern convenience?

Here are 10 of the most outstanding benefits for organizations that do a significant amount of work remotely:

1) Remote workers who use digital collaboration tools experience significantly less stress.

2) The more time a company invests in creating a remote-friendly work culture, the higher their rates of retention and satisfaction will be.

3) Employees who work remotely are substantially more likely to stay with their employer for over five years.

4) If an organization loses their office building to fire or some other business-related disaster, remote workers will continue coming into work from home, which minimizes losses on both time and money.

5) If an organization is located in a place with seasonal weather, remote workers will be able to work year-round.

6) Remote workers are more productive than their office-based counterparts, which gives companies the ability to create more momentum and forward progress.

7) A company can save money on travel expenses, software subscriptions, business class flights, and hotels while increasing productivity for all of their employees by establishing strong communication practices.

8) Although most organizations indeed provide benefits to their employees in the form of health care coverage and retirement savings plans, there are significant benefits that are not currently being offered or even considered for people who work remotely.

9) One of the most important things an organization can do for its remote employees is to make sure they feel comfortable and safe.

10) Remote workers can make a significant impact on client-side relationships because they maintain a constant connection to their customers and business partners.

The bottom line providing the flexibility that will be not be abused by people who choose to work remotely is critical to any successful relationship with your organization.

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Posted on 09/08/23

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