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Best Doctors for Pigmented Skin Treatment in Gurgaon | Arka Skin Clinic

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Melasma refers to a skin disorder that most commonly occurs on the face and leaves dark patches. These dark spots are very much darker than people's normal skin tone. The term "mask of pregnancy" is commonly used to refer to this disease. If you want to get rid of Melasma, you need to come to Arka clinic. Here we have the Best Doctors for Pigmented Skin Treatment in Gurgaon.
The pigment melanin, which is dark, is responsible for the colour of our skin. Light causes an increase in the quantity of melanin that is produced by the skin when it is exposed to it. In addition, a variety of environmental pollution becomes detrimental to the health of your face. These factors bring about an abnormal shift in the normal colour of the skin, which might eventually result in a skin pigmentation problem.
Posted on 03/23/23

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