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AFB is the manufacturer and retail business in west Maharastra. Woodcraft is the specialty.

We are the Best manufacture unit in Maharashtra

Anmol Furniture Bazar (AFB) is a progressive and forward-looking player in the furniture sector. It is at the forefront of the Market providing the highest standards of quality, design, and ergonomics.

Whether you are a connoisseur of traditional solid heavy wood furniture or are into contemporary sleek furniture Anmol Furniture Bazar has something to match your needs

With the objective to create exclusive teakwood furniture.

At Anmol Furniture Bazar we believe that when it comes to furniture, nothing is better than wood. Its strong, durable, aesthetic, healthy, and more importantly, never go out of style.

Keeping in mind the corporate demand for quality furniture, per international standards, the office furniture division was started in 2002.
Posted on 11/23/21

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